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A trip to Jordan as an undergraduate showed Carolina doctoral student Mark Radin the importance of water in international development.

“The story was basically, ‘Oh, we would do this, but we don’t have water. We would do that, but we don’t have water,’” he said.

As Radin, who grew up in New York City, continued his studies, he became interested in a related but tougher sell: sanitation and hygiene.

Mark Radin
(Photo by Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

“The puzzle of it is much more complex than the water situation,” said Radin, a member of Carolina’s Royster Society of Fellows. “You have to convince people to change their habits and culture to adapt.”

Solving that puzzle is what brought Radin to the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, where he will graduate with a doctorate in environmental sciences and engineering.

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