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Jennifer Wu stands in front of greeneryA decade ago, Jennifer Wu reached a point of absolute burnout. For years she had embarked on a career path that she deemed her most “practical” option, working as a business consultant, then as a marketing manager in the pharmaceutical world and, eventually, teaching middle school math.

But all along, Wu knew her job choices didn’t align with her passions.

Raised in New Jersey, Wu grew up with an affinity for art. As a child, she painted and drew, visited museums and dug into art history during her spare time. Wu never imagined she could turn that love of art into a career, let alone flourish in it.

With the support of her husband, with whom she shares a 13-year-old son, Wu mustered the courage to change career directions. The decision was anxiety-inducing at the time, but it has since paid dividends.

Now, 10 years later, Wu will receive a doctorate in art history from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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