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Bynum Hall

The GPS: The Graduate School’s June 2023 email for students

Graduate Education Day, headshots, HEELSENGAGE Network

Several people gather in a conference room hall

Graduate students host professional development conference

Graduate students from across North Carolina connected for a professional development networking event in mid-May.

Family and food — doctoral hooding mementos and memories

KC Hysmith (’23 Ph.D.) celebrated with her family during her doctoral hooding ceremony — and brought a memento from her mother to mark the milestone.

A person receives doctoral regalia

Compassionate change-makers — The 2023 doctoral hooding ceremony

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill marked its annual doctoral hooding ceremony on May 13, 2023.

ASN logo. Black acronym surrounded by a half blue and half green tilted circle. Text under acronym reads "EST. 1928."

Graduate School Dean awarded ASN Nutritional Sciences Award

Dean Mayer-Davis has been awarded the 2023 ASN Nutritional Sciences Award for her achievements in the field.

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