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Host a Carolina graduate student as part of Bridge Beyond Carolina: Experiential Learning for Graduate Students 

The Bridge Beyond Carolina program provides graduate students with paid summer experiential learning opportunities in non-academic settings such as business, government, healthcare, technology, and more.

Bridge Beyond Carolina is an investment in the professional growth of Carolina graduate students and a platform to develop a pipeline of well-prepared, aspiring professionals who are ready to contribute to the needs of our state.

Hosting a graduate student for a summer internship (160 hours) will allow your organization to access and evaluate talent while driving productivity, new thinking, and connections. This small investment in interns can pay long-term dividends for your organization.

Internships should provide meaningful experiential learning aligned with student and program goals. Ideally, an internship balances both skill development through firsthand work and mentorship in professional competencies needed for the field.

Those interested in hosting a graduate student for a summer internship are welcome to contact us at





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