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Carolina celebrates American Indian Heritage Month

November 1, 2022

Graduate student Marissa Carmi is a citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. As a graduate student, she’s brought her life experiences and perspective to serve her fellow graduate and professional students.

The layers beneath the church

October 31, 2022

Summer Research Fellow Michelle Freeman visited cemeteries in Croatia, North Macedonia and Greece to learn how saints were venerated in the 4th century.

RUNC: Julianne Davis

September 8, 2022

Department of Earth, Marine, and Environmental Science Ph.D. student studies how water, sediment and the landscape influence one another.

The sediment scientist

August 25, 2022

Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral candidate examines coastal ecosystem health.

Mucking in the marshes

August 24, 2022

An Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral student examines the effects of rising sea levels on marshes.

The wave whisperer

August 24, 2022

Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral candidate examines shorelines and their affect on ocean waves and coastal erosion.

Meet a Summer Research Fellow: Francesca Sorbara

August 4, 2022

Francesca Sorbara is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology, housed in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is the 2022 recipient of the Coffield Family Summer Research Fellowship, which has allowed her to resume field work after COVID-19 placed a pause on her research.