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Warming waters and North Carolina’s fisheries

October 13, 2022

Alongside Associate Professor Janet Nye at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, graduate student Sally Dowd is working toward a better understanding of how ocean warming affects fish populations in coastal regions and the broader implications of these changes.

The sediment scientist

August 25, 2022

Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral candidate examines coastal ecosystem health.

Mucking in the marshes

August 24, 2022

An Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral student examines the effects of rising sea levels on marshes.

The wave whisperer

August 24, 2022

Institute of Marine Sciences doctoral candidate examines shorelines and their affect on ocean waves and coastal erosion.

#GDTBATH: Ph.D. candidate Mollie Yacano

June 22, 2022

Carolina Ph.D. candidate Mollie Yacano studies an invasive species that is surprisingly effective at preventing erosion and pollution on the North Carolina coast.

Doing COVID-19 dirty work

September 8, 2020

Employing wastewater epidemiology UNC microbiologist Rachel Noble is leading a state-wide collaboration tracking novel coronavirus outbreaks across North Carolina, gaining insight that testing individuals does not offer.