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In South Korea, there is only one fact-checking platform. And Carolina Ph.D. student Heesoo Jang helped establish it.

Heesoo Jang sits at table with feet up holding newspaper in front of wall of newspapers

During the second year of her master’s program at Seoul National University (SNU), Jang’s ideas and research facilitated the creation of SNU
FactCheck Center, a not-for-profit collaboration between the SNU Institute of Communication Research and 31 major Korean media outlets.

The center’s goal is to improve the knowledge and understanding of consumers through fact-checking services, which is exactly what Jang does with her research today at UNC-Chapel Hill.

“I look into the process of journalism,” she says. “I want to encourage journalists to be transparent about the process of fact-checking and how they ended up with their conclusions.”

At the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media, Jang researches how AI systems and digital platforms impact society, journalism, and democracy.

But before she entered the world of mainstream news, she wanted to be a science-fiction writer.

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