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Dear graduate students— 

The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill strives to have a graduate student body that reflects the diverse population of our state. As we build our community together, it is important to reflect on the complex history of our University and how Black faculty, students and staff — present and past — have shaped your time at Carolina. 

A woman with gray hair and wearing a purple top poses for a photo
Dean Beth Mayer-Davis

Excellence at Carolina cannot exist without a diversity of background and life experiences. That’s what our Diversity and Student Success program is designed to uplift. This month, they’re hosting an International Civil Rights Museum Virtual Tour, among other initiatives, to celebrate Black History Month. I also encourage you to attend University-wide events that also honor the month. 

Be sure to swing by our Surviving and Thriving spring 2023 pop-up exhibit, which explores anonymous stories from graduate students of color and includes an interactive storyboard; it opens on February 7 on the third floor of Carroll Hall, home to the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. This month, The Graduate School continues to feature research from Black graduate students whose work has impacted our community and beyond. It’s all part of how we’re advocating for a flourishing graduate student body who are the fabric of graduate education at the nation’s first public university. 

Beth Mayer-Davis
The Graduate School 

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