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Congratulations to master’s, professional, and doctoral degree recipients! On behalf of The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I am honored to help you celebrate this outstanding achievement. You have worked tirelessly to seize opportunities here at Carolina and have made remarkable contributions to our community, to our state, and beyond. Your continued resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic will endure at the University in many ways. You are our next generation of leaders — and you have showcased your leadership skills, dedication to our students, and commitment to our state during a year that required innovation and imagination.

Graduate student alumni smiling and wearing regalia.
Graduate student alumni at the class of 2020 celebration held at Kenan Stadium on October 10, 2021.

Armed with your Carolina education, I know you are ready to face the challenges ahead. Our state, our country, and our world need your leadership. Please take what you have learned at Carolina and use it to build a better future. You have so much to give and will be called on to do many things. Please remember to take care of yourself. Pay attention to both your physical and mental health. Strive to strike a balance between the things you need to do and things you want to do.

Graduates, we celebrate your many accomplishments, which required unprecedented levels of commitment, resilience, and discipline. Because of you and your commitment, our state, our country, and the world will benefit. Thank you in advance for all you will do, and congratulations.

Suzanne Barbour
The Graduate School

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