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Suzanne Barbour
(Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School Dean Suzanne Barbour has been elected to the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Board of Directors. Her three-year term will begin on January 1, 2020.

The 12-member board governs the CGS, an organization of about 500 universities in the United States and Canada that grant master’s and doctoral degrees. Barbour has served as a member of the CGS Diversity and Inclusiveness Advisory Committee (2018-2019).

Barbour became dean of The Graduate School and professor within the School of Medicine’s biochemistry and biophysics department in September 2019. Previously, she was dean of the University of Georgia Graduate School.

She has extensive national service in initiatives focused on increasing opportunities within graduate education and preparing graduate students for careers of the future. In addition to her membership on the CGS Board of Directors, Barbour is a member of the Graduate Record Examination Board and the National Science Foundation Committee for Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering.

Also beginning their three-year terms as CGS board members are H. Dele Davies, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean for graduate studies at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Thomas Jeitschko, dean of the Graduate School and associate provost for graduate education at Michigan State University. Sally Pratt, vice provost for graduate programs at the University of Southern California, will serve as board chair for 2020.

The CGS officers for the 2020 term were announced at the 2019 CGS Annual Meeting.

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