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Maria Erb portrait
Maria Erb

Maria Erb, co-director of the Diversity and Student Success program within The Graduate School, has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to student development and learning at UNC-Chapel Hill.

UNC Student Affairs announced that Erb received the 2019 Campus Partner Award at the May 28 Student Affairs End of the Year Celebration. Erb received the honor for exceeding occupational requirements – through mentorship, guidance, promoting inclusivity and other ways – in working with Student Affairs to enhance the experiences of students.

Erb was nominated for her award, and remarks highlighted her ability to bring people together and her willingness to help: “The nominee goes out of her way to ensure that she has relationships with colleagues that make people feel respected and appreciated and allows for better support of students by breaking down silos.”

Erb directs several initiatives within Diversity and Student Success: Carolina Grad Student F1RSTS, Global Grads, Military-Affiliated Grads, QGAPS (Queer Graduate and Professional Students) and the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) Grads empowerment group. Diversity and Student Success received the 2019 intergroup collaborative award at the University’s 11th Annual Diversity Awards ceremony, held in April.

“Bringing a campus together to better support the success of students has always been an important and natural tendency of mine throughout my career in higher education and student affairs,” Erb said. “Collaborating across the University allows for all of us to make a greater positive impact on our students’ experience at UNC. I am honored and humbled to have been nominated and recognized by my colleagues in Student Affairs with the 2019 Campus Partner Award.”

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