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Megan Riley
Megan Riley

Megan Riley, a clinical research and development epidemiologist within GlaxoSmithKline, received her master of professional science degree in toxicology from UNC-Chapel Hill. She shared her thoughts on the value of her degree within the inaugural issue of the PSM Alumni and Graduation Chronicle, a publication of the National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA).

“Graduates of Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs have a competitive workforce advantage. Their deep STEM content coupled with rich professional experiences place them in high demand with employers,” said Courtney H. Thornton, president of the NPSMA.

Riley came to the UNC-Chapel Hill PSM programs having already earned her doctoral degree in biological sciences from the University of South Carolina. She said the PSM programs offer significant benefits to individuals with graduate degrees. “From persuasive presentations to stakeholder management, the business acumen I gained from these classes has given me an edge, bolstered my confidence and prepared me to succeed in my career beyond graduate school.”

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