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The Graduate School’s exit survey lets graduating students reflect on their time at Carolina, and identifies points of pride and room for improvement. The response rate is 97 percent.

Graduate Student Exit Survey Infographic

Overall Graduate Experience

Percentages of respondents rating quality excellent, very good or good

  • Curriculum 91%
  • Libraries 96%
  • Mentorship 79%
  • Program 90%
  • Teaching 89%

Paying for School

Top three sources of financial support


  1. Personal savings
  2. Loans
  3. Personal earnings during school


  1. Research assistantship
  2. Teaching assistantship
  3. Fellowship or scholarship

Use of Resources 

  • The Graduate School and The Graduate Student Center 55%
  • University Career Services 45%
  • Odum Institute for Research in Social Science 41%
  • Graduate Funding Information Center 33%
  • The Writing Center 28%
  • Center for Faculty Excellence 17%

Room for Improvement 

  • Assistance in finding employment
  • Opportunities to collaborate across disciplines
  • Financial support

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